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Support service for the university’s significant IT projects.

Service description

The IT project support service is intended for supporting important information technology projects within the University.
- University of Helsinki’s project management model: The IT Center supports IT projects in the use of the project management model. The University of Helsinki’s project management model provides a framework that describes how an individual project should be managed at the University, starting from the project idea until post-project assessments, as well as how the project portfolio of the various parts of the organisation is managed. Further information:
- University of Helsinki’s project portfolio: The project portfolio system acquired for the University supports the management and follow-up of operational development and information technology projects. The IT Center supports IT projects in the deployment of the project portfolio.
- PO network (ProductOwner network): The University’s IT project product owners are supported by the PO network, which is summoned approximately four times a year to discuss themes related to IT projects and the role of the product owners.
- Support for IT projects: The IT Center provides consultation on IT projects on the following themes, for example: preliminary surveys, requirement specifications, competitive tendering and project management.
o The IT Center can also be contacted for the availability of a technical project manager or other consultation (e.g. solution consultation, procurement consultation).
o It also provides support in acquiring an external consultation or expert party (e.g. an external project manager). The customer is responsible for the costs of external parties.
o IT projects always also have representatives from the client (e.g. the client’s project manager or product owner), and the customer must be committed to the project for the duration of the project.

How to take the service into use

By contacting the customer service representative (
The service is provided subject to availability, and it is offered for projects that are significant for the university.


The responsibilities of the IT Center are agreed upon project-specifically.

The client unit is responsible for the follow-through of the IT project. The IT Center supports the unit in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions in reaching the project’s goals. The unit ordering the service is the owner of all information systems and IT services acquired or developed in its IT projects. The client is also responsible for the administration and further development of these.

The client is the owner of the IT system and/or IT service being acquired. The client is responsible for the acquisition of the resources required for the system and for the provision of user support and training. The client is also responsible for the administration and further development of its systems.

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