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Server space included in administration for the units’ own applications. The servers are mainly existing servers and web hotels of the IT Center.

Service description

The Server administration service offers server space and server administration for the units’ own applications. The servers are mainly existing servers and web hotels of the IT Center, but also customised solutions are possible. By default, Linux and Windows-based virtual servers are used for customised solutions. In some cases, also the acquisition of separate physical servers is possible.

The basic service includes initial consultation (maximum 1 person-day), hardware capacity, administration of the server’s operating system as well as the server capacity monitoring and statistics. The service also includes monitoring of information security and investigating information security deviations and support for issues with the applications. The volume of network traffic is not restricted.

If necessary, the service can be expanded to cover, for example, technical administrator duties, more extensive technical consultation, extended technical support in case of malfunctions and server system configuration. Additional services are always agreed on a case-by-case basis.

How to take the service into use

By contacting the customer service representative (


The IT Center is responsible for the functionality and administration of hardware, their operating systems and data connections as well as utilisation ratio monitoring and statistics. Malfunctions are investigated in cooperation with the provider of the application, if necessary. When necessary, the IT Center is responsible for back-ups of the server and the restoration of files. The client ordering the service must appoint a contact person responsible for contacts with the IT Center’s server administration team. The client is also responsible for agreeing on any such changes which may require a server update. The client must also agree to the resolution of the application’s information security and other issues and prepare for changes required due to operating system updates and information security updates. The service window or the time during which the planned maintenance breaks take place is agreed with the client’s contact person.

The owner of the service must adhere to the Instructions for customer administrators

User support

Unless otherwise agreed, the client ordering the service is responsible for the training and support of end users. The client ordering the service or a third party is responsible for the resolution of issues related to the application, but the IT Center provides assistance for investigating problems.

The IT Center’s Helpdesk ( arranges the user support provided for the client’s contact persons in cooperation with the Technology services unit.

Service provider
Service owner
Jukka Hienola
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Seppo Syrjänen
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