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A technical platform and studying materials for taking the Student’s digital skills, a compulsory course for all undergraduate degree students (DIGI-A orientation and DIGI-B advanced skills). In some degree programmes the advanced Skills course is substituted by a course from the degree programme in question.

Service description

Student’s digital skills is a compulsory course (orientation 2 study credits + advanced skills 1 study credit = 3 study credits) for all undergraduate degree students at the University of Helsinki, providing the new students with adequate basic ICT skills for studying at the university. The materials for the course can be found online at the University of Helsinki blog service at The materials are available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Materials for students include the actual study materials and exercises in the WordPress system. The entry level tests for the orientation and the advanced skills and the competence test are taken in the Moodle online learning environment. The feedback on the course is collected through an e-form and the course feedback system Norppa.

The materials can be utilised by anyone as is. Parties external to the university may also obtain further editing and access rights when separately agreed upon with the University of Helsinki.

How to take the service into use

Users of study materials: the materials are available without restrictions at The teacher in charge of the course is Kai Korpimies.


The contents of the materials are produced and updated in cooperation with the IT Center, University of Helsinki library, Services for Digital Education and Continous Learning (DOJO) and the other units of Teaching and Learning services (OPA). Updates of contents for parties outside the University of Helsinki are agreed on separately.

Nina Dementjeff is responsible for the course administration.

User support

The user support is centralised in e-mail. If you need support in Finnish, please contact, in Swedish or in English The address is not vitally important as all the addresses provide services in all of the languages above and all users are directed to the same Efecte support group.

OPA/DOJO runs the site

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