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A laptop lending service for University students and staff.

Service description

University staff and students can borrow a laptop from the Laptop Lender service for short-term use. The service is intended for University of Helsinki staff and students only.

Laptop Lender laptops do not include a power supply, which is why the service’s loan period is limited to four hours. Once the loan period expires, customers can renew the loan, after which the Laptop Lender machine will offer the customer another laptop.

Customers borrow the laptops from Laptop Lender lending machines. After use, the customer must return the device to the same Laptop Lender lending machine and connect the device to the power cable found within the machine. The customer can provide feedback on the borrowed device via the Laptop Lender’s user interface when returning the laptop.

The borrowed laptops are Windows computers maintained by the University of Helsinki IT Center. The laptops operate within the wireless HelsinkiUni network service range in University premises. The laptops feature the same software package as the desktop computers at University IT stations. In addition, special software for on-campus courses can be installed on the laptops on request. The Safe Exam Browser for electronic exams is also installed on the laptops.

How to take the service into use

Register as a user for the Laptop Lender service.


The IT Center is responsible for providing the service. The Laptop Lender service users are responsible for borrowed devices during the loan period.

User support

User support is available from IT Helpdesk at

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