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Unitube is a service for producing, publishing and viewing video material. It consists of Unitube Viewer, Unitube Uploader as well as Unitube Studio and Unitube Lecture Recording Rooms.

Service description

Unitube is a collection of services for producing and publishing videos on your own, consisting of four tools: the Studio, Uploader, the Lecture Recording Rooms and the Viewer. The Unitube Studios are intended for the production of video recordings by university staff using the studio’s equipment. Recordings produced in the studio can be shared directly to the Unitube Viewer intended for playing the recordings. Also video recordings produced elsewhere can be uploaded to the Viewer. The videos produced in the Studio may also be exported for later editing.

The Unitube Uploader is intended for the publication and administration of finished recordings. The Unitube Lecture Recording Rooms, on the other hand, consist of equipment designed for educational use for the recording of lectures and similar events. The Unitube Lecture Recording Room service may be used in the lecture rooms listed on the Unitube Helpdesk page (see the link below).

The Unitube Viewer and Uploader may be used by all university students and staff. The Unitube Studio and UniTube Lecture Recording Room services are only provided for university staff. Students may utilise these services when their teacher is present.

Further information on Unitube can be found at Helpdesk pages: https://helpdesk.it.helsinki.fi/en/help/10654

How to take the service into use

The Unitube Viewer and Download Centre are used in Flamma. The Unitube Studios and Lecture Rooms can be booked through the room booking systems. Caretakers will unlock the studio door.

After logging in, video and audio recordings may be played in Flamma’s Unitube Viewer or in the linked Moodle courses.

Recordings are exported to Unitube in the Unitube Download Centre. Exporting recordings requires a user account of the University of Helsinki.


The Unitube services are provided as self-service. The IT Center is responsible for maintaining the background system and Uploader. The IT Center is not responsible for the contents of materials published via UniTube.

The editor of contents is the University of Helsinki’s Communications and Community Relations unit.

The user must ensure that

- all material published in Unitube by the user honours copyrights and is materially related to the activities of the University of Helsinki.
- the use is in line with the IT Center’s general terms of use and the UniTube service’s specific terms of use (available at: https://helpdesk.it.helsinki.fi/en/help/10654)

User support

User support is available from Helpdesk (https://helpdesk.it.helsinki.fi/en). Instructions for the Unitube services can be found at https://helpdesk.it.helsinki.fi/en/help/10654

Service provider

Basic service is provided free of charge

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