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Standard tools and processes for providing customer service at the university

Service description

Customer service tools are used to provide a service to parties connected to the university, as well as to manage different communication channels. The tools are an ever-changing collection of information systems and tools designed to work seamlessly together and support each other's functions.

Customer service through the university consists of basic processes common to all, the activities of which are not usually affected by the subject matter. The IT Center provides common tools and pre-refined practices to support these basic processes.

Technical tools are available for work guidance, service management and actual support work.

The IT department offers consultation in the folowing services and processes:
- Chat tool for customer service
- Chatbot customer service automation
- Call forwarding system
- Service management system (Efecte:

The tools included in the service are available 24/7. Administrator support is available during office hours.

How to take the service into use

The service is available by contacting the unit’s IT Center customer service representative.


The IT Center is usually responsible for configuring the systems included in the service and developing its use with the units using the service. The technical functions and updates of the systems are the responsibility of the suppliers of the information systems. The suppliers are specified in each system's card.
Each customer unit's assigned administrators are responsible for user training, local support for the use of different systems, guidance materials and other administrator tasks defined by the IT Center in their unit. Administrators also act as the contact person between their unit and the IT Center.

User support

The party providing customer service tools offers support to the administrators of the customer units but primarily does not offer support to end users.

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Mika Kivilompolo
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Tommi Ekholm
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