Group storage space

Service status
4 - In use
Service is meant for
External users
Short description

A service for user groups needing shared storage space on a network disk only visible to a limited group of users.

Service description

Group storage space is server storage space protected from outsiders intended for workgroups. Files saved in the group storage space are available to all members of the group. The space is protected and back-up copied. It is therefore the recommended solution providing information security for the storage of files used internally by workgroups. Group storage space is available to everyone at the university after logging in to a university workstation. Parties outside the university cannot use the group storage space because a university username is required for using it.

How to take the service into use

Instructions for creating group disk space can be found at….

The user rights to group directories are granted for groups created in advanced using the IAM group management tool. Group directories are created by University service coordinators.


The user must follow the terms of use of the university’s information systems. The terms of use can be found at

User support

The Helpdesk ( and on-site IT support groups provide assistance for workstation-specific settings if necessary.

Service provider
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