Applying for access rights

Access rights are almost always required for using the university IT systems. All staff and students at the university should hold some type of access rights. Applications for access rights should be submitted to the University of Helsinki IT Center.

NOTE: Instructions for Open University students can be found here on the Open University site.

    Application forms

    Instructions for completing the username application form

    The application form as a PDF file

    Application form renewed in September 2022.

    For readability, it is recommended that the form is completed using a computer.
    Adobe Reader is required for opening the file. If necessary, you can download the latest version from the Adobe website.
    You can use Adobe's Fill&sign tool for signing the form.


    Non-disclosure agreement

    Nb! Non-disclosure agreement required from external service providers.

    A non-disclosure agreement is required, for example, from employees of companies outside the University of Helsinki Group or when a person will process non-public or confidential information.

    In principle, docents or visiting researchers don’t have to sign a non-disclosure agreement unless they have access to confidential material.

    If you are not sure, please contact the IT Helpdesk for more information.

    Always required from external service providers!
    More information in Application developer wiki (only in Finnish)



    All individuals who register for attendance at the University of Helsinki will receive a username without needing to go through a separate application process. This also applies to students studying separate courses and open university students. Access rights can be activated in the following ways:

    • by activating the access rights online using online banking credentials, a mobile certificate or an electronic identity card.
    • or optionally: fill out the username application above and submit it to Helpdesk

    Staff and others 

    If you do not have a valid employment relationship with the university, Helpdesk will ask the contact person you specified in the application form to support your application. For this reason, being granted the account may take longer than normal.

    You can apply for new access rights in the following manner:

    1. Fill the application form (see Quick help tab)
      - The applicant’s role “Other” includes, for example, the university’s administration
      - A sufficient reason for creating a user account for the university staff is “employment relationship with the university”
    2. Send the application to the address mentioned in the application form
    3. You will receive an e-mail when your new access rights are ready for use
    4. Activate your new access rights by using the password reset tool
      (instructions for using the reset tool)
      Alternatively, you can activate your access rights by using the ID Point service
    5. You will be given a permanent username and a temporary password
    6. Please change the temporary password immediately

    Access rights are personal - lending them to anyone else is absolutely prohibited.

    The user account holder is responsible for all use of the account.

    Additional access rights and other types of usernames

    When a new username has been granted, you can apply for additional access rights according to these instructions. A staff member can apply for special accounts for visitors or for teaching according to the same instructions.

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