Instructions for completing the username application form

Due to changes in the operations of the university services unit, the application process and instructions will be detailed further if necessary. In unclear cases, please contact Helpdesk.

The application form as a PDF file

Nb! Non-disclosure agreement required from external service providers
Application renewed in May 2020

For readability, it is recommended that the form is completed using a computer.
Adobe Reader is required for opening the file. If necessary, you can download the latest version from the Adobe website.
You can use Adobe’s Fill&sign tool for signing the form.

Non-disclosure agreement

Always required from external service providers
More information in Application developer wiki (only in Finnish)


Detailed help

1) Fill in the form

  • Personal information:
    Many services (e.g. the student register and work time management) require personal identity codes or student numbers. If you do not have a Finnish personal identity code, fill in your date of birth.
  • User account at the university:
    A user account that is or has been in use in one of the systems at the University of Helsinki, if applicable.
  • Contact language:
    The language in which notifications about the username will be sent to the user.
  • Desired expiry date:
    Staff access rights are valid for a maximum of one and a half years at a time. For temporary staff members, the access rights validity period is linked to the duration of their employment relationship.
  • Mobile phone number and e-mail address:
    The address to which a notification will be sent when the username is ready for activation.
  • Signature and the end-user license:
    The applicant signs the application form. By signing the form, the applicant agrees to comply with the terms of use.

The username is personal — lending it to anyone else is absolutely prohibited. The username holder is responsible for all use of the account.


2) Submit the application to Helpdesk

The form can be submitted in either of these ways:

  1. As a scanned document to Helpdesk encrypted:
    (see detailed instructions sending confidential e-mail)

  2. By post to:
    Helpdesk / Access rights:
    PO Box 56
    Viikinkaari 4
    FI-00014 University of Helsinki


3) Start using the username

  • Helpdesk sends you a notification to the e-mail address given in the application when you can start using the username.
  • The password given with the username is temporary and will only be valid for the first use. It should be changed immediately >>.

Further information

  • The applicant’s surname will usually be used as the username. If the surname is already being used as a username, the needed number of letters from the applicant’s first name will be added before the surname. The Scandinavian letters å, ä, and ö will be replaced with the letters a and o. The maximum number of letters for the username is eight. After being set, the username can only be changed in exceptional circumstances.
  • E-mail addresses will be in the form or The letters å, ä, and ö will be replaced with the letters a and o. Firstname.Lastname-e-mails are directed to the Office 365 mail system by default.