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A support service for major IT acquisitions of units. The service comprises, for example, assistance for the preparation of requests for tenders and competitive bidding.

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The Support for acquisitions service comprises the IT Center’s expert support for the preparation of requests for tenders and the implementation of competitive bidding in the university’s significant IT projects. This service is intended for units of the university. It is especially useful in cases where the projects exceed the EUR 60,000 threshold for public procurements, after which the procurement has to be subjected to competitive bidding.

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By contacting the customer service representative (


The client ordering the service must describe its needs in as much detail as possible. It is responsible for the provision of resources for its project and provides assistance, if necessary, for the acquisition of the required materials and access rights. The client is responsible for the cost of work of external experts. The overall responsibility for the service or system under procurement always stays with the client.

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