Information security consultation

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Advisory, assessment and training services relating to information securityplanning.

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Information security consultation includes advisory services, technical and administrative information security assessments, information security risk assessments and information security training.
The services may also include information security inspections related to development projects or services and carried out by specialists of the information security team or, if necessary, external auditors.

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By contacting the service address


The IT Center provides the client with the agreed studies and documents or, if necessary, agrees on the use of external experts. The IT Center is only responsible for the consultation service. The overall responsibility for the project always stays with the client.

Kenneth Kahri
Kenneth Kahri

Costs are agreed on before the work is started.

Minor-scale consultation (maximum 5 workdays) is available free of charge. Any additional time is charged based on the actual person-hours according to the IT Center’s currently valid price list. The price list is available in the intranet at

If external subcontractors of the IT Center are used in the consultation, the resulting costs are charged from the client ordering consultation from the IT Center.

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