Majordomo: Approving e-mails to a moderated e-mail list

In a moderated e-mail list, the administrator must approve all messages before they can be distributed to the list. The message can be accepted easily with the browser-based MajorCool program.

The service can be found at

    • Log in to MajorCool
    • In the login window, enter your University username and password
    • Enter the name of the list you maintain in the List Name field and the administration password in the Admin Password field
    • Select Approval Queue
    • Press the Go button

    • If necessary, click the View link under the header information of the message to be approved to view the content of the message
    • From the Action drop-down menu, select Approve
    • Press the Apply button

    • Finally, you will receive a notification of the successful acceptance of the message


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