Office 365 FAQ

Why should you start using Office 365? 

  • You will get
    • All Office programs for free for all your devices (max. 10 pcs.)
    • 1 TB free storage space in OneDrive (cloud storage, similar to Dropbox)
    • A calendar which also works on mobile devices
    • Office applications which work in the browser (similar to Google Docs)
    • Skype for Business for chats and video conferences, plus lots of other applications

Is it difficult to activate? 

  • No! Just log in to this activation page, accept the terms of use and click the button
  • The system will be ready to use within 24 hours

See more FAQ from Detailed help tab.

Where is "the new webmail"?

  • (the link can also be found in Flamma and on the My Studies page)
  • If you cannot log in, use the format of your username
  • The password is the same as in other university services
  • On mobile devices, use a mail application (see below for more information)

How can I download the Office programs to my home computer?

  • See this instructions site for illustrated instructions
  • If you have problems with the installation: please note that Office365 ProPlus support is provided by Microsoft, not by the University of Helsinki

Is this available for iPad/mobile phone?

  • Yes. You can search instructions from Helpdesk´s search, use keywords like iOS, Android
  • If a "for business" version of the app (such as OneDrive) is available, install that version

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