Video communications

The university offers various possibilities for video conferencing and online meetings. They all provide you with an easy way of communicating with your co-operation partners in different locations without the need to travel.

On-site audiovisual support available
The university is launching an on-site audiovisual support trial with Unigrafia to test and develop a new service model as well as chart the needs for support that we have at the university every day.

Request support  
Call +358 (0)2941 24240 or send e-mail to (on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m)
We will help you on the phone with small problems, but major issues will be handled on-site, face to face.

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Quick help

The university has several services suitable for video conferencing and communications. Select from the options below the one that suits your needs best:

Lifesize meeting

  • Can be used with a browser, application, phone or video conferencing equipment
  • Suitable for video conferencing, lectures, recording and streaming
  • Works both within the university and with external participants
  • With Lifesize recording you can record meetings or lectures via Lifesize
  • Read more from the Helpdesk instructions

Skype for Business

  • Includes status information, instant messaging, online meetings, audio calls and video calls
  • Can be used with an application or a browser
  • Suitable for use within the university, in unofficial meetings
  • Read more from the Helpdesk instructions


  • Provides both bilateral instant messaging and video call features between two parties as well as permanent discussion channels for different groups
  • Can be used with an application or a browser
  • Read more from the Helpdesk instructions

Adobe Connect

  • Service to be removed
  • Further information is available in Flamma
  • Can be used with a browser (requires plugins)
  • Suitable for lectures

Video conferencing equipment

  • Video conferencing equipment consists of traditional meeting devices. These devices can be used for communication between devices and for Lifesize meetings.
  • Read more from the Helpdesk instructions


  • The application can be downloaded from Software Center. With this application, you can join invited meetings.
    • Normally, participants can just use Chrome browser without installing the application.
  • The university does not have paid licences for the application and it is not supported by Helpdesk.


You can receive remote support for video conferencing from Helpdesk.