Webinar and Large Meeting functions in Zoom

Zoom’s special licences:
Webinar and Large Meeting functions

The university has a limited number of special licences that can be used for larger Zoom meetings:

  • Six webinar licences for events of maximum 500 people
  • One webinar licence for events of maximum 1,000 people
  • One webinar licence for events of maximum 3,000 people
  • 700 Large meeting licences for meetings of maximum 500 people

You can order the above licences for your use for a fixed period of time using this form (see the detailed reservation instructions below). By default, we reserve special licences for use for maximum two weeks at a time. If you need a licence for a longer period of time, provide detailed information in the form. We will contact you if the period you have requested is not possible.

NOTE! You can first create your webinar as a normal meeting and convert it into a webinar when your webinar reservation begins. This will not change the link to the meeting or any other settings, and the change in the event type will not be displayed to participants. Convert the event in the meeting settings in Zoom's browser view. This means you can send a link to your meeting well in advance without having to reserve a webinar licence for a long time.

For detailed instructions on how to convert a meeting into a webinar, see the Zoom instructions Zoom homepage.

What is a Zoom webinar?

The webinar licence is an additional Zoom functionality that can be added to the user’s own Zoom licence for a fixed period of time, allowing the creation of webinar-type Zoom meetings..

A Zoom webinar differs from a regular Zoom meeting in the following ways, among other things:

  • The rights of webinar participants are limited by default (video or audio are not available; participation only through chat/Q&A function).
  • In addition to the host and co-host, a panelist role is available with more extensive rights than a participant. The panelist role can also be assigned in advance to people outside the university.
  • In addition to the chat function, the webinar has a Q&A function that allows participants to ask questions and like the questions of others.
  • The Breakout rooms function is not available in the webinar.

What is a Large meeting?

The Large meeting function enables accepting 500 people to the regular Zoom meetings created by the user instead of the usual 300-people maximum. A Large meeting does not differ from a regular Zoom meeting otherwise.

How can I reserve special licences?

You can reserve Webinar and Large meeting licences using this form.

You can view the reservation status of the webinar licences using the links below. Please note that you cannot make reservations in the reservation calendars yourself. You must use the above form to make a reservation.

Instructions on how to use the webinar

Written instructions and videos on how to use the webinar are available in the Helpdesk’s Zoom instructions and Zoom’s own instructions. You should check at least the following before your first webinar.

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