Acquisition of F-Secure software on home devices

The staff may get the F-Secure Internet Security product free of charge on one home computer. Students can purchase F-Secure’s products for home use at a discount.

F-Secure has the right to alter their licensing terms and the prices of their products. Thus, you should consider these instructions only as indicative. In uncertain situations, please contact F-Secure’s support!

Helpdesk does not provide support for the use of the F-Secure products on home computers. All questions concerning the software (discounts, installation and use etc.) must be directed to F-Secure’s own support


Quick help

Ordering your licence

  1. Retrieve the code necessary for the subscription from the Download Centre. Choose PROGRAMS > Antivirus > F-Secure to find the code.
  2. Accept the EULA.
  3. Download the file in the folder to your computer. The file changes every year. The file meant for employees contains the word  employer and the one for students includes the word student. The file contains a username and a password that allow you to log in to the F-Secure website.
  4. Go to the F-Secure site Follow the F-Secure instructions on the page.
  5. If you need help with installing the software, contact F-Secure’s support for consumers

Renewing your licence

After you have used the user account for ordering for the first time, you will not have to retrieve the next year’s code from the Download Centre. You will receive an e-mail from F-Secure to your e-mail some time before the expiration date of your licence. The e-mail will contain a link for renewing your licence for the same price. Follow the instructions provided by F-Secure.