Previous versions of files and folders

If you have accidentally removed an important file or edited e.g. a text document in a way which appeared not to be so great after all, you can restore previous versions of your files and folders.

NB! The instructions have been prepared for University's Windows computers. Previous versions does not apply for LocalData folder.


Detailed help

Restoring a previous version of your file or folder

  • Right-click the file or folder and choose Properties
  • Choose Previous versions tab
  • Pick a version that you want to restore. Next you have three options:
    • If you choose Open, you can view the selected version
    • If you choose Copy, you can copy the contents of selected version to a location of your desire
    • If you choose Restore, you can replace the current version with the selected version

    previous versions

When using University's computers your files are backed up and made into two copies which are located in two different estates. Every file that has changed during last day is backed up. Once a month all the data is backed up. The back up files are usually stored for two months.

The files on your own personal computer are usually backed up once a week unless you have changed the related settings.