Multifactor Authentication for Luomus, the Language Centre and the Collegium for Advanced Studies begins 27 October 2021

13.10.2021 - 10:11

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for Microsoft Office 365 services (e.g., Outlook, Teams, OneDrive) will be taken into use at the entire university during 2021

MFA will be introduced at Luomus, the Language Centre and the Collegium for Advanced Studies from Wednesday, 27 October 2021 onward.

Multifactor authentication is a well-established information security practice which helps protect your information – read the Flamma news item about multi-factor authentication and its deployment at the University of Helsinki.


Multifactor Authentication means additional authentication when logging in to cloud services, either by mobile application or by phone. MFA will help us secure university user accounts better than before and maintain information security.

Please note! Multifactor Authentication is only required every 90 days or when logging in with new devices, so authentication does not unnecessarily burden your logging in to the university’s Office services. In addition to Office 365 services, Multifactor Authentication will be introduced later in other applicable university services.


Multifactor Authentication will only come into your use on the date of introduction, 27 October 2021, but you can make the process easier by specifying your additional authentication methods well in advance as follows:

  • Specify your Multifactor Authentication methods according to the IT Helpdesk instructions. Please specify your authentication methods before the actual implementation deadline, as the university IT Helpdesk may be busy on the MFA introduction date. In the event of problems your access to the university O365 services may be delayed.
  • We recommend adding at least two additional authentication methods. Please note! Recommended authentication methods are the Microsoft Authenticator application as the primary authentication method and automatic phone call authentication as an additional method. Download the Microsoft Authenticator application to your phone from your app store.
  • If you do not use Outlook (Outlook Web App or the Outlook for Desktop application), Multifactor Authentication may require changes to your e-mail application settings. Read the more detailed instructions on how to change your e-mail application settings.
  • E-mail and calendar synchronisation may stop working without any notifications in some applications. Make sure synchronization works after implementation and, if necessary, refer to the instructions for applications.
  • If you encounter issues, please contact the IT Helpdesk:
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