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Office 365 services

The students and staff members adopting Office 365 will receive a free-of-charge Office 365 ProPlus package, including the installation rights of the Microsoft Office suite for their own devices. Learn more >>

logot_outlook_48.png Outlook E-mail and calendar application Instructions
logot_skype_48.png Skype for Business A real-time instant message software that also displays users’ online status
All users can set up an online meeting quickly and easily when needed and participate in online meetings using their own devices (workstation, phone, tablet)
logot_yammer_48.png Yammer “The university’s internal Facebook”, provides opportunities for new types of sharing information, participation, finding competences, and sharing knowledge. Instructions
logot_teams_48_2.png Teams Microsoft Teams is a versatile and editable hub for teamwork. It provides both bilateral instant messaging and video call features between two parties as well as permanent discussion channels for different groups. Instructions
logot_planner_48.png Planner With Planner, you can compile a work plan, gather a team, define tasks and keep track of progress. Instructions
logot_onenote_2013_48.png OneNote OneNote is notebook software which collects your notes in a single location. You can create separate notebooks for different things (work, travel, hobbies, etc.). Instructions
logot_onedrive_48.png OneDrive Used for cloud storage, such as sharing files with other users instead of using e-mail attachments. Instructions
logot_class_notebook_48.png Class Notebook The OneNote Class Notebook application lets a teacher quickly set up a personal workspace for every student, a content library for sharing learning material and a collaboration space for lessons and studying.  
logot_staff_notebook_48.png Staff Notebook OneNote Staff Notebook Creator allows you to set up a OneNote notebook for your staff members and use it for processing and sharing information in many ways.  
logot_sway_48.png Sway Sway’s online canvas allows you to create presentations and add images, text, documents and other content to them.  
logot_word_48.png Word    
logot_powerpoint_48.png PowerPoint    
logot_excel_48.png Excel