Application development service

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Short description

Service for the development of customised applications needed by the university and university users for which no product is offered by commercial producers. The service is subject to a charge.

Service description

The IT Center’s application development service implements applications requiring a knowledge of universities and the university’s IT environment. The service is intended for the special needs of the University of Helsinki for the development of applications for which no products are available from commercial producers.

The development and implementation of applications is always done in cooperation with the client. This requires that the client commits to the evaluation and specification of the application right from the beginning and continues to participate throughout the project. The goal is to only implement the functionalities which are the most central in terms of the client’s needs.

Documentation and instructions are agreed with the client. The client is the owner of the finished application.

How to take the service into use

By contacting the customer service representative or, in case of applications for the administration, Tiina Silvonen or Petteri Hemmilä A written agreement on application development must always be made.


The client has the primary responsibility for providing support for the end users of the application.

The client participates in the specification and evaluation throughout the project in cooperation with the team responsible for the implementation of the application. The client is responsible for the maintenance and prioritisation of the task list of the application being implemented. The client carries out acceptance testing and is responsible for user support and training after the deployment.

User support

Documentation and instructions for the application are prepared as agreed.

Service provider

The service is charged as agreed. The pricing is based on the currently valid price list which is available in the intranet.

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