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The service is responsible for the operation of the university’s network connections. In addition to the fixed information network and wireless networks are available.

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All university locations use the university’s fixed information network. It provides a network connection to services supporting studying, teaching and research, such as general service computers, the university’s micro network, the systems of units and administration as well as the internet.

In addition to the fixed network, wireless networks are available for everyone at the university as well as visitors: Correspondingly, university users visiting other locations are usually able to use the wireless eduroam network in the external location by using their own university user account.

A valid user account is required for the use of the university information network. The information network may also be used over the HY-VPN service from computers outside the university network.

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The network services are implemented on workstations in connection with the workstation service. Connecting laboratory devices and workstations not included in the workstation service to the network is agreed with the person in charge of one’s own local on-site IT support team. The on-site IT support connects such workstation to the network if they can be registered, i.e., if they are owned and administered by the university.


The data communications team of the IT Center is responsible for the operation of the network connections. A valid user account is required for the use of the university information networks. The user must follow the terms of use of the university’s information systems. The terms of use can be found at


Helpdesk (, on-site support teams,

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