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A service for exchanging data between data systems.

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The integration service provides a systematic, reliable and cost-efficient way of combining information systems with processes and ensuring the exchange of data between them. The service is intended for connecting information systems and processes by means of technical data transfer solutions and interfaces. The centralized integration service includes the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), administration of interfaces implemented using the centralized service as well as the service platform required by the service.

The service produces integration specification and solution services for development projects as well as data exchange, routing and transformation services provided by the Enterprise Service Bus.

The central target and user groups of the service are the owners of the university’s information systems, information system projects as well as persons in charge of core data and owners of such data.

During the production of integrations, the service is responsible for the administration of Enterprise Service Bus interfaces and the related development actions. The functional logic of the integrated solutions is not implemented in the integration service.

The service is composed of the following service components:

*Development and administration of interfaces and integration rules
*Administration of the application platform of the centralized integration solution
*Application platform development ordered separately as allowed by the resources

Hur tjänsten tas i bruk

The service can be ordered by contacting integration service at (preferred),
IT Manager Minna Harjuniemi or
IT Specialist Kimmo Heiskanen


The provider of the service is only responsible for the functionality of the integration being implemented. The provider of the service is not responsible for the operation of other systems, administration, content to be integrated, services for end users produced by the information systems or their logical operations or functionalities.

The user shall comply with the university IT systems’ terms of use. The terms of use can be found at and


Users of information systems do not use the integration service directly. This is a service for the administrators and owners of systems. The integration team provides them user support as agreed. Helpdesk is responsible for providing support to the users of the system.

General additional materials, a general description of the integration system for developers as well as the service list can be found in the University of Helsinki wiki at (in Finnish).


A basic service that is offered free of charge for units of the university. Additional work and customisations may be ordered separately and will be charged on the basis of the currently valid price list.

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