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The opportunity to keep public logs in the university’s blog service using the WordPress platform.

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The blog service is a service for the administration and publication of blog-format web sites in the WordPress publication system. Blogs can be set up by anyone at the university, and access rights to individual sites can be granted to other users within the university. Pictures can be inserted on the sites, and embedding videos and other media is also possible. The blog service provides the opportunity to publish sites using the university’s theme. The blog service can be used for the administration and publication of sites in Finnish, Swedish and English. Translating and publication in other languages is also possible with a separate extension.

Examples of possible uses include personal home pages/blogs, communications related to projects or programmes as well as teaching utilising web writing and interaction.

Hur tjänsten tas i bruk

You can set up a personal blog on the site of the service at

More blogs are available by ordering them separately.


The responsibilities of the user are listed in the terms of use of the blog service ( The service and related support materials are administered by IT Center.


End user support is limited to written instructions. Instructions and support forum can be found on the site of the service at


Free of charge.

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