Creating a mail account on a University computer, Outlook 2010/2013


Detailed help

These instructions apply to computers which are administered by the University of Helsinki. Instructions for personal computers are available here >>

  • Start Outlook (Start > All Programs > Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013). When Outlook starts for the first time, a wizard application helps you to create a new e-mail account. Click Next.


  • When Outlook 2010/2013 starts for the first time, the program asks you if you wish to add an email account.
  • Click Next.

  • The application automatically identifies all relevant information from the UH account you are logged on with.

  • Outlook automatically finds the server settings based on the e-mail address entered
  • Sign up for Office 365 service. The computer suggests as the default user name. Change it to (in the picture below: replace "tunnus" with your own username).
  • Fill in your password and click OK.

  • You can opt to choose Remember my creditentials. If you don't, you need to enter your password each time you log in.
  • If the mailbox exists and the correct password has been entered, the account is created successfully.
  • Click Finish.


    Outlook starts and you should now be able to access your email. The server is still finishing its work in the background, and it may take a while before your email is fully loaded.


    You can now proceed to read the instructions for using Outlook 2013>>

You can also add more e-mail accounts to Outlook. See here for instructions.