Establishing a secure connection at the university

Use of some of the university’s online services is limited to the university network for licence-related reasons. These services include the databases and e-papers offered by the library. If the services need to be used on computers outside the university network, it is only possible by establishing a secure connection between the home computer and the university server. The most common technology for establishing the connection is VPN.

OpenVPN on university computers

OpenVPN has been installed in a centralised manner on all university laptops.

OpenVPN on home computers

To install OpenVPN on a home computer, first install the OpenVPN software and then the HY-VPN configuration file available from the Download Centre.

  • OpenVPN on Windows 10 computers
  • OpenVPN on Linux computers
  • OpenVPN on Mac computers (Tunnelblick)
  • OpenVPN on Android devices

Also remember these

You do not always needs a separate program for establishing a secure connection. A browser-based connection is sufficient in some cases.

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