SAP: Common problem situations

We have collected here typical SAP related problems with solutions.

Are you looking for SAP HR and SAP Finance instructions? You can find them in Flamma (requires logging in with university username).

    When editing an invoice, the top and bottom of the window are hidden

    The area visible on screen can be enlarged by setting Windows to hide the taskbar at the bottom of the screen when it is not in use:

    • Click the Start button with the right mouse button.
    • From the menu, choose Properties.
    • Select the Taskbar tab.
    • Check the item Auto-hide the taskbar.
    • Click the OK button.

     Retrieving attachments causes a warning to appear

    When retrieving attachments, the browser may warn about security risks:

    The problem can be fixed with the following procedures:

    1. Add the SAP system servers to the browser's Local intranet zone.

    • Choose Internet Options from the Tools menu.


    • From the Security tab choose Local Intranet.
    • Click the Sites button.


    • In the Local Intranet window which opens, click the Advanced button.


    • Type the names of the servers one at a time into the Add this website to the zone field, and click the Add button after each one.
    • The addresses of the SAP servers to be added are (note the https):

    • Click Close.
    • Click OK.
    • Click OK.

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