Eduroam troubleshooting

For more information on eduroam and the university’s wireless networks see Wireless networks in University landing page.

ATTENTION! Eduroam requires the username to be entered in the form (e.g. Just the username without a suffix will not work.

You will need to log in again after changing your password! See detailed instructions:

    Windows 10

    Certificate installation:

    1. Make sure that the computer is connected to the internet via wired network
    2. Find the Eduroam settings FIX software (1). Click on the icon (2).
    3. Click Uninstall.
    4. Wait until the text has changed and click Install.
    5. Reconnect the computer to eduroam by following these instructions.

    Instructions for accessing the eduroam network

    If you can’t log in, check that

    1. you have entered the correct user account (, for example,
    2. there are no extra spaces in the account name (especially with mobile devices, extra characters may easily slip in)
    3. you have installed your profile through (installation instructions from Helpdesk)

    Eduroam does not work in Windows after a password change

    Follow these instructions to delete your eduroam settings (on the tab titled DETAILED HELP)

    Eduroam does not work on Mac or Linux after a password change

    Follow these instructions to update your eduroam password

    Eduroam does not work on iOS device after a password change

    Follow these instructions to delete your eduroam profile from the device

    Can’t access the wireless networks anymore?

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