Old Mac computers will be removed from use by 22 June 2023 – see instructions

08.05.2023 - 12:51

The IT Center will phase out old University Mac computers which are no longer supported and cannot run at least macOS 12 Monterey or macOS 13 Ventura. The IT Center will centrally prevent the use of old Mac computers at the University on 22 June 2023 at 4 PM.

The old devices will be removed from use because they are no longer supported by Apple and will not receive important security updates.

If you are using an old University Mac computer:

You will receive a notification about the removal of the Mac computer on the device display when you power it on. Check the Apple website to see if your Mac is compatible with at least macOS 12 Monterey. Also see Apple’s instructions for identifying the Mac models.

1. If your computer can be upgraded to at least Monterey, upgrade the operating system through the University’s Managed Software Center. Remember to keep your computer plugged in and connected to the Internet throughout the upgrade.
2. If the computer is not compatible with at least macOS 12 Monterey, you can send your old Mac computer to IT recycling through the University’s internal mail. If necessary, you can request the IT Center’s on-site support to pick up the old computer.


97% of devices delivered to the IT-recycling service are reused. This extends device life cycles and reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. A longer life cycle also conserves materials and reduces waste.

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