Service interruption due to Windows 10 version update

5.9.2017 - 14:15

The IT Center is updating a new version of Windows 10 (Feature Update) on university computers. The update only applies to computers that are using Windows 10 and included in the centralised administration of the IT Center.

In connection with the update, the IT Center is testing a new distribution method, delivering the updates onto the computers in stages. The first updates will the distributed in September.

You can have a say in the time frame during which your computer will install the update. The installation of the update package will take 1–1.5 hours. You will not be able to use the computer during installation.

Software Center will notify you once the update has been shared onto your computer and you can install it. Before starting the installation connect to university network with network cable, save any unfinished work and close any open programs. The update is complete once the computer opens the login window.

For more instructions, please visit the Helpdesk site.

The update will improve the compatibility of applications, general reliability and battery usage. The update will not cause any major changes visible to the user.

We hope to receive feedback on the updating process. Please fill in our feedback form and help us improve our services!