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Remote access connections to the university network over a VPN connection. Although most of the university services may be used directly over the internet, a secure connection to the university is needed for the use of some internal services.

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Remote access allows the use of the university’s internal network services regardless of time and place. Remote access also allows using such university network services which it would otherwise only be possible to use on the university’s own workstations. The HY-VPN software obtained from the university’s Download Centre. You sign in to the university network using your personal university user account.

In addition to using the information systems, the service may also be used for information search resources and the university’s e-materials which require that the user is logged in to the university’s information network.


The data communications team of the IT Center is responsible for the operation of the university’s network connections. The user must follow the terms of use of the university’s information systems. The terms of use can be found at


Instructions on how to use the VPN connections can be found at Support is available at


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