Connections from outside the university

Connections from outside the university

The university has online services which are only available inside the university network for licensing reasons. These include e.g. the databases offered by the library and electronic newspapers. The services can be used on computers outside of the university’s network by establishing a secure connection between the home computer and the university server. Take a look at the VPN client installation guide.

NB! Not all University online online resources require a VPN connection. Some of the services, for example Flamma, are accessible from any network.

Using the VPN connection requires an active university username. See installation instructions for different operating systems.

Looking to access your home or group folder from outside the university? See these instructions.

Do you want to use the library’s e-resources remotely? You can access the library instructions here.


User guide

Use the uh-vpn-helsinkifi-only (aka HY-TUN) connection, if you work in your home network or another trusted network: 

  •   Only necessary traffic is transferred via the university network (e.g. home directories, Efecte, SAP)  
  •   Less traffic load on the university network 

Use the uh-vpn-allroute (aka HY-VPN) connection, if you are in another network, e.g. a café or a hotel 

  •   All traffic is transferred securely through the university network 
  •   More traffic load on the university network 

Updating the university’s laptops outside the university network:
The university’s laptops are updated outside the university network using OpenVPN. Just an Internet connection is not enough because the computer does not receive the software and information security updates in this case.

Connecting through the OpenVPN client software

When using the VPN software, traffic from your computer up to the VPN server inside the university network is encrypted, and computers using the VPN connection are assigned a network address from the university. The latter makes it possible to use many services restricted only for university computers.

Installation instructions

Instructions for use

Troubleshooting instructions

In case of problems, install OpenVPN again or contact Helpdesk.

Further information on the VPN service

Learning material for the Student's digital skills

Virtual Desktops (VDI)

Many of the university’s internal services can be used over a virtual desktop. See these instructions for more information.

Installing a separate virtual desktop is not necessary for occasional use since you can also use the browser version of the virtual desktop at

The required client program is already installed on the university’s computer. If necessary, you can also install it on your home computer. The connection to the virtual desktop is secured automatically.


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