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A real-time video and audio connection between two or more participants on their personal devices or across multiple university premises.

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The video messaging service provides all university staff and students with Zoom and Microsoft Teams services for remote meetings and distance learning. The services can be used from the user's workstation, from the users' home computers, and in conference rooms and teamwork spaces. The features of Zoom and Teams for interaction between participants and more extensive webinars, for example, differ somewhat from each other.

With the University's Zoom licence, events can accommodate 300 participants, but larger rooms and a webinar licence can be booked through the Helpdesk booking website ( Zoom is the recommended solution for general video communications and webinars.

Teams is recommended if you wish to use the other features of the Teams software at the same time.

The facilities are equipped by the university's property services (HY247).
Support for teachers is provided by the Educational Technology Services (OTE).

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Both Zoom and Microsoft Teams can be accessed with university user accounts.


The use of Teams for video communications is part of the Office 365 service managed by Mikko Alasaari.

The Zoom service is managed by Kati Hietamies.

The Educational Technology Services (OTE) provide support for teachers using Zoom.

The facilities are equipped by the university's property services (HY247).

For other questions related to video communications, please contact Helpdesk.


For help and support, please visit .

For instructions on using video communications in teaching, please visit

Support for video communications is available from the University of Helsinki’s Helpdesk by e-mail (helpdesk@helsinki.fiExternal Link) and by phone by calling +358 (0)2 941 55555.

Support for using the AV equipment of the university premises is provided by av-tuki@helsinki.fiExternal Link, tel. +358 (0)2 941 24040.

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