Information security

Information security

On this page, you can find information related to information security collected from the Helpdesk site, Student’s digital skills and Flamma.

Securemail service continued
The discontinuation of the Securemail service evoked a lot of discussion among university staff. In order to provide the best possible service to university staff and students, we will continue the Securemail service beyond the previous discontinuation date of 31 August 2020. The precise discontinuation date will be specified later. We will inform university staff and students about the discontinuation well in advance.

For service addresses, we recommend still using the Securemail service. Read instructions here

You can start using Office 365 Secure Message Encryption with these Helpdesk instructions

E-mail protection methods

Confidential e-mail – User instructions for encrypting messages with Deltagon Sec@GW software
Outlook’s Sec@GW plugin – Outlook’s plugin for encrypting messages (in Finnish only)
E-mail S/MIME encryption – An encryption method for those who process larger amounts of confidential data (Windows)
S/MIME encryption for Mac – Encryption method instructions for Mac
Ordering and using the S/MIME certificate with shared mailboxes – Instructions on ordering and using the S/MIME certificate with an Office 365 shared mailbox (in Finnish only)
GnuPG: E-mail and file encryption application – Software for encrypting and signing e-mail traffic and files
Encryption of confidential attachments – Compressing and encrypting data materials with the 7-zip program
General information on encryption methods

Encryption of files

Funet FileSender – online tool for transferring large files
Encrypted flash drive – general information on using an encrypted flash drive
Setting up an encrypted flash drive
Using an encrypted flash drive
Encryption of confidential attachments – compressing and encrypting data materials with the 7-zip program
General information on encryption methods

Computer data security

Information security software – installation instructions for information security software used on home computers
Computer virus scan – instructions on scanning for viruses using F-Secure’s software (in Finnish only)
Installation of OpenVPN on a home computer (Windows) – installation instruction for the OpenVPN software for Windows (on a home computer)
Installation of Tunnelblick on Mac (OpenVPN) - installation instructions for home computers
Installation of the HYAD_ROOT_CA certificate on a Windows computer – a certificate used by administrators (in Finnish only)

Information security of mobile devices

Secure use of smartphones
VPN connection on an Android device – instructions on installing and using the VPN software
Office 365: Remote wiping of a mobile device
iPad and iPhone: Information security – instructions on protecting the mobile device

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