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Information security

On this page, you can find information related to information security collected from the Helpdesk site, Student’s digital skills and Flamma.

E-mail protection methods

Confidential e-mail – User instructions for encrypting messages with Deltagon Sec@GW software
Outlook’s Sec@GW plugin – Outlook’s plugin for encrypting messages (in Finnish only)
E-mail S/MIME encryption – An encryption method for those who process larger amounts of confidential data (Windows)
S/MIME encryption for Mac – Encryption method instructions for Mac
Ordering and using the S/MIME certificate with shared mailboxes – Instructions on ordering and using the S/MIME certificate with an Office 365 shared mailbox (in Finnish only)
GnuPG: E-mail and file encryption application – Software for encrypting and signing e-mail traffic and files
Encryption of confidential attachments – Compressing and encrypting data materials with the 7-zip program
General information on encryption methods

Encryption of files

Funet FileSender – online tool for transferring large files
Encrypted flash drive – general information on using an encrypted flash drive
Setting up an encrypted flash drive
Using an encrypted flash drive
Encryption of confidential attachments – compressing and encrypting data materials with the 7-zip program
General information on encryption methods

Computer data security

Information security software – installation instructions for information security software used on home computers
Computer virus scan – instructions on scanning for viruses using F-Secure’s software (in Finnish only)
Installation of Pulse Secure on a home computer (Win/Mac) – installation instructions for the VPN connection software (protects the connection between the home computer and university server) on a home computer
Installation of OpenVPN on a home computer (Windows) – installation instruction for the OpenVPN software for Windows (on a home computer)
Installation of OpenVPN and use with Ubuntu – installation instructions for OpenVPN for Ubuntu (on a home computer) (in Finnish only)
Installation of the HYAD_ROOT_CA certificate on a Windows computer – a certificate used by administrators (in Finnish only)

Information security of mobile devices

Secure use of smartphones
Information security of Android devices – general instructions on protecting Android devices (in Finnish only)
Encryption of Android devices – instructions on encrypting all the contents of the phone (in Finnish only)
VPN connection on an Android device – instructions on installing and using the VPN software (in Finnish only)
Office 365: Remote wiping of a mobile device
iPad and iPhone: Information security – instructions on protecting the mobile device
Pulse Secure: Using a VPN connection on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch – instructions on using the VPN

Junk mail and phishing messages

Watch out for scammers
Junk mail and phishing messages – What is spam?
Spam – FAQ
Reporting junk mail in Outlook
Reporting junk mail in OWA
Phishing messages - What is phishing?