Information security at the University

Information security at the University

This page provides further details about information security collected from the Helpdesk site, Student’s digital skills and Flamma.

Email encryption methods


File encryption

Funet FileSender – An online tool for transferring large files
Encrypted flash drive – General information on using an encrypted flash drive
Encryption of confidential files – Compressing and encrypting data materials with the 7-zip program
General information about encryption methods

Computer information security

Information security software – Installation instructions for information security software used on home computers
Computer virus scan – Instructions for running a virus scan with F-Secure’s software
Installing OpenVPN on a home computer (Windows) – Instructions for installing OpenVPN on Windows (on a home computer)
Installing and using Tunnelblick on a home computer (Mac) – VPN connection from a home computer
Installing the HYAD_ROOT_CA certificate on a Windows computer – A certificate used by system administrators

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for Microsoft Office 365 services (e.g. Outlook, Teams, OneDrive) will gradually become mandatory across the University. It will enable the University to secure user accounts increasingly better, while also significantly boosting the University’s information security.

Deployment of Multifactor Authentication

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