Mail program instructions (Mac)

Mail is an easy-to-use e-mail program included in OS X. Before reading a message, the e-mail server information, username and other information is entered in the program.


    Getting started

    When starting the program, a window opens with the mail folders on the left. Mail is retrieved by clicking on the Retrieve mail (Hae Postit) icon.

    Reading and writing e-mail 

    Messages are shown in the mailbox called Inbox (Saapuneet). If the folder has new messages, the name of the folder is in bold and the number of new messages is in parentheses next to it. The number of messages is also visible in the Dock.

    • Click Inbox (Saapuneet).
    • A list of messages appears in the window, showing new messages in bold.
    • If you click on the title of one of the messages, the message text appears.
    • You can open a message in a new window by double-clicking the title of the message in the list.
    • A new message is started by clicking New (Uusi) or selecting Archive > New message ( Arkisto> Uusi viesti) from the menu.
    • To reply to a message, activate the message of your choice and click Reply (Vastaa) or select Message > Reply to sender (Viesti > Vastaus lähettäjälle) from the menu.
    • Enter the name of the receiver in the Receiver (Vastaanottaja:) field.
    • Enter the subject of the message in the Subject (Aihe: ) field.
    • The message is sent by clicking Send (Lähetä) or by selecting Message > Send message (Viesti > Lähetä viesti) from the menu.

    Deleting messages 

    • A message is deleted by selecting the message from the list, thus activating it, and by clicking Delete (Poista).
    • As defined in the Mail settings, the message is either deleted directly from the server or moved to the program's Trash bin (Roskakori).

    Quitting the program 

    Mail is quit by selecting Mail -> Quit Mail (Mail -> Lopeta Mail) from the menu.

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