Microsoft 365: Adding a shared mailbox to Outlook

A shared mailbox is usually shown automatically. If this doesn't happen, follow these instructions.

    Open Outlook. Follow this path:

    • File
    • Account settings > Account settings...

    • In case you have several accounts, make sure, that you select the Microsoft Exchange account.
    • Click Change.

    • Click More settings.

    • This opens a new window. Go to the Advanced tab and click Add.

    • Enter the beginning of the e-mail address of the shared mailbox (without and click OK.

    • This returns you to the previous window, which now shows the added folder. Click OK and exit the Settings menu (Click OK, Cancel, Close)

    • You return to the Change Account window. Click Next.
    • And return to the Outlook windows by clicking Finish
    • The mailbox is now shown in the menu.


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