Microsoft 365: Ordering shared resources

Units can report the information regarding rooms and other resources (such as research equipment or a vehicle) that can be reserved in Outlook's and OWA's calendars in two ways: E-form or Excel file.

The rooms and resources added to the calendar can be viewed by everyone. The reservation right, however, is limited and, therefore, the user might not be able to make reservations even if the room or other resource is included in the reservation list. The contact person can determine in conjunction with the reservation whether to limit the reservation right and how (see limiting reservation rights).

In conjunction with the centralised implementation, the existing conference rooms of a department or another similar unit can be transferred centrally into an Microsoft 365 calendar. Report the information with an Excel file.


    Reporting resources into the calendar system

    1. Individual resources can be reported with this E-form. The form is in permanent use.
    2. It is easier to report multiple rooms and other resources in the reservation system with this Excel file (in Finnish).

      This can be used in conjunction with the centralised implementation when reporting several rooms and other resources at once.

    There are further reservation instructions in the E-form and the Excel file.

    Limiting reservation rights

    The right to reserve calendar resources can be limited in three ways:

    1. everyone can reserve
    2. reservation right has been limited based on separate IAM-groups

    Instructions for placing a reservation

    When a resource has been added in the calendar, it can be reserved by following these instructions:

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