The university's mail

The University of Helsinki has migrated to the Microsoft Office 365 mail and calendar system.
Users who activate their accounts for the first time will not need to separately register as Office 365 users.



About university's mail

Rules concerning the processing of e-mails at the university can be found in Flamma. The rules apply to all e-mail regardless of the software or device used for the processing of e-mails. In addition, the university's information security team has created e-mail processing instructions.

In Office 365, there is 100 GB of storage space in the cloud service and 10 GB in the local service. In both systems, it is possible to start using a shared mailbox that several users can access and that does not consume the personal quota. Instructions for the Office 365 system.

Avoid sending large attachments via e-mail; instead, use Funet File Sender, for instance. See the general instructions for using attachments.

If you want to transfer a file from your home system to the university, we recommend that you use the VPN portal as documents opened directly from e-mail are often saved in a temporary directory and disappear when you log out.

There is a separate page where information about the e-mail settings for mobile devices has been compiled.

When you leave the university

When you finish your studies, your e-mail address will no longer be available to you. If you wish, you can start using a so-called alumni address (only in Finnish), Your old e-mails are not automatically moved there.

  • If you have registered your attendance for the autumn term, your user account will be valid until 31 January.
  • If you have registered your attendance for the spring term, your user account will be valid until 30 September.

If your name changes, you can also change your e-mail address. The username will not be changed. See also the When there are changes in your details guide.

You can find more detailed instructions about using e-mail at the university by using the search.

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