Synchronising different calendars

This guide instructs how you can import information from another calendar to your Office 365 calendar.

You can import entries from one calendar to another by synchronising them. In practice, this is done by copying the address of the calendar to be synchronised in some format, and pasting it to the target calendar.

Note the difference between importing and subscribing to calendar information. By importing calendar information from another calendar, you are transferring any current information. Future entries and changes made to that calendar will not be transferred to the Office 365 calendar. By subscribing to the calendar, all future changes will also be updated. Learn more from the Microsoft guide on the topic
Looking for instructions on syncing calendar to mobile devices? See instructions here

Calendar synchronisation contains two steps:

  1. Copy the link of the source calendar.
  2. Insert the link into the target calendar.

The following guide instructs how to synchronise some commonly used calendars with the Office 365 calendar. The same methods can also be used to synchronise other calendars.

  • The link used to share the calendar is shown in field (1).
  • Click Copy to clipboard (2).

Now the calendar address is saved to your clipboard. You can use it to synchronise the calendar with the Office 365 calendar. See the instructions below on Inserting calendars to the Office 365 calendar.

Copying a calendar link from the Flamma workgroup calendar

Synchronising the Flamma workgroup calendar with calendars outside the Flamma workgroups is not recommended for information security reasons! Exercise caution when using this feature. Note that by copying the shared calendar, you also share any entries made by other people.

  • On the bottom of the calendar, click on the three dots next to the text Subscriptions.
    Select Subscribe from the menu.
  • Right-click the address link and choose Copy.
  • The link is saved to the clipboard, and you can insert it to other calendars as instructed below.


Google Calendar is not a service supported by the university. However, if you are using Google Calendar, you can synchronise the Google Calendar events to your Office 365 calendar according to the following instructions. You will do this at your own risk. The synchronisation of all the properties of Google Calendar is not guaranteed.
  • Sign in to Google Calendar.
  • Click on the calendar you wish to synchronise (1). From the open menu, click on Calendar settings (2).
  • Click ICAL.
  • The calendar address is shown in a text field.
  • Right-click the address and select Copy link address.
  • The link is saved to the clipboard, and you can insert it to other calendars as instructed below.

Inserting calendars to the Office 365 calendar

Use OWA (Outlook Web App) to insert calendars to the Office 365 calendar. Do not attempt to insert calendars directly to the Outlook desktop version. The calendar usually takes a few minutes to appear in OWA. However, changes made to another calendar are slow to update to the Office 365 calendar. Updating these may take hours or a full day.
Note that the subscribed calendar is visible only to you. Your "my calendar" that is shared with others does not display the entries.
  • Sign in to OWA at
  • Open Add calendar > From Internet.
  • Insert the previously copied link to field (1). Add a descriptive name to the calendar in field (2). Finally, click Save (3).
  • The calendar is now shown in the section Other calendars.
  • In a few moments, the calendar will also be displayed in the Outlook calendar view.

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