Installing the VMware client software

You can use the VMware client software to contact the university’s virtual server environment (VDI) allowing you to use Oodi, for example. 

The VMware client software is usually installed centrally on the workstations of the people needing it. The software can be found by selecting Start > Programs > VMWare > VMWareView Client. On Mac, search for the VMware Horizon Client in the Launchpad or Spotlight.

If you cannot find the software on your workstation, follow these steps:


Detailed help

University of Helsinki, workstation in the centralised administration

You can install the VMware View Client from the Software Center.

Software Center instructions >>

University Menu (top right corner of the screen) > Managed Software Center > Utility > VMware Horizon Client

If the above instructions don’t help, create a Helpdesk request:

  • Check the name of the workstation you are using
  • Windows: select Start > Programs > HY > HY Assistant. You can see the name of the workstation in the section Computer name.
  • Mac: University Menu > Computer Info... > Computer name
  • or check the computer's information on
  • Contact Helpdesk and ask for the VMware software to be installed on your workstation

University of Helsinki, own workstation

To install the WMvare client software, you need the password of the workstation administrator. The installation packages can be found in the link View Client for Windows at If the workstation is not in the University of Helsinki network, the workstation should have encrypted HY-VPN connection to the University of Helsinki network. For more information, see the instruction index of the University of Helsinki IT Center.

When the client software has been installed, it can be used to connect to the VDI environment or to start a necessary program.