Installation of the university's Mac software

For a Mac in the centralised administration, users can install software themselves from the Managed Software Center.

Log in to the Mac in centralised administration with the university user account and password.

Computers under centralized university management can now upgrade to the MacOS Monterey version as a self-service.

  • For the Intel Computers the update is launched in Managed Software Update. The update will only be available for machines that can be installed as required.
  • For the Apple Silicon chip Macs Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Software Update. 

New Macs come with the latest operating system installed. Read more information about updating your Mac from Flamma news.

  1. Open the University Menu > Managed Software Center (See what is University menu?)
    (Can also be found at: Applications > Managed Software Center).
  2. An App Store-style window opens. All Items shows all the software which can be installed. Click Install to install and Remove to remove the software in question.

The portal is under development, and software useful to university staff and students. Some examples of software which can be installed are listed below. Check the portal for the latest software selection.

  • Adobe Digital Editions – software for reading digital materials
  • LibreOffice – an open office suite, opens PDF files (an alternative to MS Office)
  • EndNote – software for the management of literature references (an alternative to Refworks)
  • SPSS and JMP – statistical software
  • Write-N-Cite – reference data software Refworks (an alternative to EndNote)
  • Matlab – calculation software

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