Data security software

Workstations in centralised administration already have a preconfigured information security program (F-Secure).

You can purchase an F-secure licence at university price from the F-secure web store for your home computer.

Also see the Information security at the University guide.


Detailed help


Encryption software

  • Confidential e-mail at the University of Helsinki
    The University of Helsinki utilises the Deltagon Sec@GW software to protect the confidentiality of e-mails. Using the software does not require any software to be installed on the sender's or the recipient's workstation.
  • S/MIME ecryption
    These instructions cover the more flexible option for those processing larger amounts of confidential data. This option should be implemented by the recommendation of e.g. your supervisor or Helpdesk.

    Securemail service continued until November 2020
    The discontinuation of the Securemail service aroused a lot of discussion among university staff. In order to provide the best possible service to university staff and students, we will continue the Securemail service beyond the previous discontinuation date of 31 August 2020 until November 2020. The precise discontinuation date will be specified later. We will inform university staff and students about the discontinuation well in advance.

    You can start using Office 365 Secure Message Encryption with these Helpdesk instructions

    For service addresses, we recommend still using the Securemail service

  • GnuPG
    GnuPG is a free program for encrypting and signing e-mail traffic and files. There are different versions of the program for almost all operating systems.
  • 7-zip
    Confidential attachments can also be encrypted using the 7-zip software.