Scanning the computer for viruses

These instructions apply to the Windows computers covered by the university’s centralised administration.

To perform the virus scan, follow these steps:

Full computer scan

To check all files on your computer, use the F-Secure antivirus program as follows:

  • Open the F-Secure from taskbar. Select Malware scan (scans for malicious software) or Full computer scan (scans all files and programs). The latter is slower, but it scans the computer fully, including the external hard drives. More information in F-Secure's own instructions.
    Please note that on centrally administered computers, some settings are also administered. You cannot change all settings by yourself.

Scanning a single folder or file

  • You can also scan a single folder or file for viruses. Right-click the folder and select Malware scan.

F-Secure’s own instructions

  • F-Secure Help opens by clicking F-Secure > More options (three dots in the F-Secure window) > Help.

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