Passwords are valid for one year at a time, but to improve your data security, you can change them more ofter than that. If your password is about to expire, you will receive a notfication via e-mail. To change an expired password, use a computer in the centralised administration or use the web form, just as when you have forgotten your password. Should you forget your password, you can reset it using a Finnish e-banking account.

Please note that your password is personal, and not even our IT support will ever ask for your password!


Quick help

Change your password

Change your password in address
On Flamma  > click your name (or picture) on the top of the page > SETTINGSCHANGE PASSWORD. Go to Flamma.
We recommend changing the password using this form as it checks that the password has been formed correctly (e.g. correct length and valid characters).

Detailed help

Change your password

Please note that the password for the limited user account can be changed with the password change tool only if you have registered your personal identity code when you applied for the account. Identification is done via mobile certificate, bank identification or certificate card.

If you cannot change the password, please contact Helpdesk.

Other instructions