Upgrading the Office 365 licence level

The university’s Office 365 agreement comes with several licence levels of different prices. Some University of Helsinki users do not have the home use rights of the Office ProPlus suite. Typically, these users include, for example, adjunct professors and emeriti. This is because their Microsoft licence level is A1. The specific differences of licence levels can be viewed in the PDF file below.

If you would like to use programs included in the Office Pro Plus suite at home, or you need programs that are not included in your current licence, you must request that your licence level be upgraded. The upgrade is an annual licence that is subject to a fee, and the unit must approve it. You can find the licence fee on the order form; instructions can be found below.

You can use the Office programs through a browser even though you have the A1 level licence. This means you do not necessarily need the Office ProPlus suite for home use, and you will not have to upgrade your licence level. Read more about using Office programs through a browser.

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