Funet FileSender

Funet FileSender is a browser-based online service for sharing large (even several gigabytes in size) files. The service is available for all Funet organizations in the Haka user authentication system without separate actions. Even users outside Haka can send files through FileSender. However, this requires that they receive a so-called guest voucher from a Haka authenticated user, who must first log in to the service and send a voucher to the user. The service is not intended for permanent file storage, as the files are deleted after a set period.

Note that even with FileSender, you cannot send confidential material unencrypted. You can apply the encryption instructions for confidential file attachments and substitute sending an e-mail with using FileSender. If you are unsure about the security classification of your material, do not use FileSender.


Detailed help

Example: You have a 1 GB file which you want to send to your colleagues on the other side of the world.

Do as follows:

1. Choose your Home Organisation and sign in to the Funet FileSender service using your Haka login (in the case of UH, your normal user login).

2. Write the e-mail addresses of the recipients of the file into the To field, separated with a comma

3. Set a date until which the file will be available in the service (currently limited to a maximum of one week)

4. Choose the file to be sent from your own computer by clicking the Browse button.

5. Read the terms of the service (click the Show/Hide link) and accept them by clicking the tick box.

6. Finally, send the file to the service by clicking the Send button.

The recipients will receive a link into their e-mail, which allows them to download the file from the service until the previously set date, using their Internet browser.

Receiving a file from a user outside the Haka community

A user outside the Haka user authentication service can send a file to you using the FileSender service, provided that you send them a special Guest Voucher.

You can create a Guest Voucher as follows:

  • In the FileSender service, click the Guest Voucher button.
  • Type the recipient's e-mail address into the Send vouchers to field (1).
  • Into the Expiry date field, set a date {käänt huom: toistoa alkup. tekstissä ('päivämäärä')} until which you want the Guest Voucher to be valid (2).
  • Finally, click the Send Voucher button.

You can see all valid vouchers in the list under the form. If required, you can cancel a voucher by clicking the delete button at the end of the row.

Finally, click the Send Voucher button.

Further information on the service is available at the platform. (in Finnish).