Print service problems persist on Windows 10 machines

19.07.2021 - 15:34

Update 19 July 2021: Microsoft has announced a new vulnerability in Windows computers. We have removed the ability to print from Windows 10 computers.

If you need to print from a Windows 10 computer, please contact the Helpdesk. Only e-mail printing is available on shared computers.

When returning from vacation, please remind to keep the computer on so the computer has time to receive and install updates. The computer will notify you when you need to restart.

For MacOS and Linux users the printing is working normally.

Update July 8th 2021: Microsoft has released security updates concerning the Windows Print Spooler Vulnerability. Both local printing and network printing will be possible in Windows 10 after the update is installed.

We have been installing the update on centrally maintained university computers starting July 7th 2021.

You will receive an update notification on your university Windows 10 computer when the update is available. We recommend that you install this update immediately. Both local printing and network printing will be possible after reboot.

If you have not received update notification, try rebooting your computer.
If you are unsure about whether your compter has already been updated, you can check it in Software center by seaching "Windows Print Spooler update" in the Applications window. If the status is Installed and printing works normally in your computer, the update is complete.

If you have problems with the update, please contact Helpdesk.

What's this about?

Microsoft informed of a Critical Windows Print Spooler Vulnerability on June 30th. Due to this University Printing Service was largely taken down until Microsoft provides security update.
Printing directly from all Workstations was blocked. Printing to home printers via university's centrally managed Windows devices was also temporarily unavailable.
However, during the break you could still print using Email Printing. If you have problems, please contact Helpdesk.
Scanning services on Unigrafia multifunction devices have been working normally despite the service break.

IT Centre regrets inconvenience caused by the service break.

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