Wiki will be replaced by XWiki in 2024 – select the Wiki content that must be transferred well in advance!

22.05.2023 - 15:50

The University will replace the previous Confluence-based Wiki service ( with the open-source XWiki service in 2024. The service change is due to costs as the current Wiki service provider Atlassian will significantly increase the pricing of its products. The IT Center will pilot the new XWiki service and the migration process internally during summer 2023.

Moving from the current Wiki service to the new XWiki service requires actions from University Wiki users. We ask that Wiki users check the Wiki content they are responsible for and follow the instructions below.

You can search for the Wiki ( spaces you own by filtering the content by Contributor and content Type. Please note that the search results may also include spaces that are owned by someone other than you, as there are usually several content editors for each space.

I am the content owner of a Wiki space or spaces – what should I do?

Only Wiki spaces marked for migration will be transferred to the XWiki service in 2024 – unmarked spaces will not be transferred! The Wiki spaces must be marked for migration, because the migration will be carried out as a mass transfer, and content cannot be transferred individually. We will notify University Wiki users about marking Wiki content for migration and provide specific instructions well in advance during 2023 and 2024.

  • We recommend that you already try editing and managing your Wiki content in XWiki by requesting a test transfer for selected content from IT Helpdesk by 31 May 2023: E-mail: Chat: Tel.: +358 (0)29 415 5555 (mobile charge/local network rate). Please note! Wiki content must be marked separately later for the actual transfer. The test transfer does not yet relocate content permanently to XWiki.
  • In addition to receiving editing rights for your content, you will be able to create XWiki pages and see how your content works on the new platform.
  • If you only want to try out the new XWiki, you can contact the IT Helpdesk and request access rights to create your own space without the migration.

1. Delete any outdated and unnecessary Wiki spaces and pages well in advance from the current service ( Also, if you have Wiki content that is more suitable for release on another University platform (e.g. Flamma Workroups (, please transfer this content well in advance. See instructions in our previous bulletin.

2. If you wish to archive old Wiki content that is no longer in active use, see instructions on archiving Wiki content.

If you have any questions about the transfer or you need any support, please contact:

We understand that reviewing Wiki content requires an effort from University Wiki content creators. By reviewing the content well in advance, we can significantly facilitate the migration process from Wiki to the XWiki service in 2023 and 2024. Thank you for reviewing your Wiki content!

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