Changing of printing permissions

With the change of the university services, some previous duties of the IT contact persons have been transferred to other employee groups.
At the same time, the IT contact person instructions which used to be on the Helpdesk pages were transferred to Flamma’s workgroup area.

If some of the previous duties of IT contact persons have been transferred to you and you cannot access Flamma’s workgroup area, contact the Helpdesk and ask them to grant you permissions to the area.

Changing privileges are determined based on the employment information in SAP. If you are not employed by the university but you have the right to print with the department balance, permissions must be added for you in the printing permission group. They are added by the department’s Service Coordinator at the request of a staff member. Unigrafia or Helpdesk does not add these permissions.


Administration of printing permissions

If you are having problems with printing, contact the service coordinators of your area:

To speed things up, please remember to indicate the H code and username of the department in your e-mail.
Instructions on the administration of printing groups for service coordinators can be found in Flamma’s workgroup area.


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