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Wireless connections to the internet and the university’s network services.

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The university has several wireless networks for different purposes: the HelsinkiUni network for centrally maintained laptops, the international wireless roaming service eduroam and the visitor network 'HelsinkiUni Guest'

HelsinkiUni and eduroam are recommended options due to better overall data security.

Eduroam is used in several cooperating universities and colleges, where university students can log into the eduroam network with their own university usernames. The visitor network 'HelsinkiUni Guest' is intended only for occasional visits to the university and the network contains limitations.

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Logging into the Eduroam network requires a valid user account of an organization belonging to the eduroam organization. In the case of the University of Helsinki, the user name is in the format username@helsinki.fi. The guest network 'HelsinkiUni Guest' is logged in with a public password.

The Eduroam profile is pre-installed on the university's centrally maintained machines.

In case of BYOD (your own machines) you have to install the eduroam profile yourself.


The user must follow the terms of use of the university’s information systems. The terms of use can be found at https://www.helsinki.fi/en/it/terms-of-use-and-privacy-policy-of-it-services


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